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In 2020, we shared Kindness by connecting with our loved ones through postcards. Postcards carry a sliver of our hearts, words of encouragement, snap-shots of another world, wishes, and smiles. This year we are looking for new, original designs for our 2022 postcards!

Spiritual Wellness: Spiritual wellness (for those who identify as spiritual or religious) is developed by nurturing and deepening your sense of connectedness to your faith or spiritual beliefs

Physical Wellness:Physical wellness is developed by attending to your body’s daily needs, such as sleep, nutrition, movement, and exercise, engaging in preventative health care, and attending to medical needs, such as taking prescribed medications or resting when sick.

Emotional Wellness: Emotional wellness is developed by consistently engaging the habits, routines, and resources (including resources outside yourself, such as social support) that help you to stay emotionally balanced.

Social Wellness:  Social wellness is developed by seeking out and maintaining healthy attachments and connections to others - including repairing relationships when needed.

Environmental Wellness: Environmental wellness is developed by attending to  and respecting our physical environment to ensure that it is healthy, safe, and comfortable.

Intellectual Wellness: Intellectual wellness is developed by engaging in activities that further develop our abilities and skills and finding new ways to challenge ourselves to learn and increase our knowledge.

Financial Wellness: Financial wellness is developed by learning the skills and knowledge needed to manage your finances now and in the future.


Unpack U fosters a culture of physical and virtual campus community emphasizing the importance of mental well-being through community and a strategic network of partners. Launching in Pittsburgh, we leverage the commitment of 11 local universities to implement innovative programming and educational opportunities, while simultaneously serving as a bridge to existing proven resources.

 Continuing into 2022, Unpack U leads with a student-driven, bottom up approach – through initiatives such as the ambassador program, our student-led commUnity series and more.



Unpack U emphasizes the importance of well-being by implementing innovative programming, educational opportunities, and connecting college students to existing resources. Connect with us below!

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